We make surreal to real

We provide the most advanced spatial community experience
through the metaverse platform ‘moim’.


Mission Statement

Make humanity happier and more prosperous and reduce global carbon footprint,
with cutting-edge spatial internet technology and experiences.


The values we pursue

3 values and decision-making criteria
that will not change


We do not put any definitions or boundaries on the ‘avatar’ as the persona
that defines us and the ‘3D space’ in which the user is active,
respect the diversity of the infinitely expanding metaverse worldview,
only faithful to the provision of tools and functions necessary for the formation of the worldview.


At least in this world,
We pursue holistic equality as individuals to avoid experiencing discrimination based on race, gender, disability, country, region, age, or religion, and create policies and philosophies for the platform.


As the activity in the metaverse platform ‘moim’ increases and replaces the activity in the real world, unnecessary movement in the real world, waste emission, and wasted budget can be reduced, which contributes to global carbon emission reduction.




moim [mo-im] : meeting as a pure Korean word,
a gathering of people come together for a particular purpose.

‘moim’ is the first metaverse platform developed by focusing on a specific user experience with a purpose.

It is designed to be optimized for K12, university, and corporate education environments and provides various functions and contents that meet the educational purpose.

In addition, ‘moim’ innovating the limitations of the existing metaverse platform by specializing in environments and functions for meetings, seminars, and large scale conferences.

We have a mission to Make humanity happier and more prosperous and reduce global carbon footprint with cutting-edge spatial internet technology and experiences.

We provide the most advanced spatial community experience through the metaverse platform ‘moim’.

The upcoming metaverse

As we prepare for the future of the upcoming Metaverse platform, we plan to provide various additional features as follows.


Feel free to express your individuality. In the metaverse, we have the freedom to be who we are. Avatar will be continuously updated with various themes and custom items.


We provide a space specialized for education, conferences and meetings. There will be no limit to the new spaces that will be provided in the future. It’s good to look forward to it.


‘moim’ was designed from the ground up to provide the best user experience in specific situations.
Through the expansion of various vertical services, it will become a bridge to the metaverse-based spatial internet.


High Level Roadmap

This is a high level roadmap for the
24 months post-Beta launching.

Q3 2020

'moim' Project is Born

Rebranding based on XR Class / XR Square

Q4 2021

Beta Release

Focus on Education & Mice industry

Q4 2020

Official Release

Service stabilization and establishment of official distribution channels

Q2 2022

'moim' 2.0 Release

Various of vertical service / Expand of spatial concept

Q4 2022

Ecosystem Release

Marketplace and Economic system /
APIs and SDKs

Q2 2023

'moim' 3.0 Release

Global expansion / AD Platform launching


Fully Functional METAVERSE

A fully functioning ecosystem between
real and virtual

Creator Economy and Marketplace

Creator Economy and Marketplace

As the creators of this world, all users can produce content, objects, and worlds, and all these assets can be traded fairly and transparently in a tradable marketplace. We aim for a decentralized and open platform.

Infinitely scalable vertical service

Infinitely scalable vertical service

In the space-based Internet or 3D web, user experience is still undefined and there are too many areas that have not been standardized. We will break down the optimal user experience into granular strategies and provide them sequentially to provide the optimal experience for all users who experience this world.


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And we’re just getting started.


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